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English Labrador Conformation, Hunting Ability (Drive), Pet Qualities

The big three for English Labradors, are how they look, do they retrieve, and do they also make a great pet? Best Lab Breeders in Missouri. English Labrador Puppies. Chocolate Labs.

Quality Through Testing

Dawson Labs test for at least 7 main Labrador diseases through panel testing which includeds 155 more diseases.  We also test for Hips and Elbows when they are of age! Best Lab Breeders in Missouri. English Labrador Puppies. Chocolate Labs.

Personality and Pet Qualities

English Labradors puppies have both the temperament to do well in the field, as pets, and they look amazing as well.  We make sure that we are using breeding dogs that exemplify the breed as a whole and will make a great next family member! Best Lab Breeders in Missouri. English Labrador Puppies. Chocolate Labs.

Our Customer Group

As a customer focus we have a Facebook Group that we send all of our customers to so that they can share updates of their puppies as they grow up.  We love to stay in touch with our puppy families and make sure these puppies grow up into wonderful loving homes.  We generally will take puppies back if there is a problem in keeping them due to moving or change of life situations.   To connect to our FB group request to join it here!

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My Faith

When I came to faith in Christ I had just spent some considerable time in Mexico and Nicaragua.  My life was forever changed with an encounter in Costa Rica.   The eyes of my heart were opened to just how disgusting and sinful of a human being I was in reality.  Through this eye opening time, I eventually came to a real saving faith in Jesus Christ. He then called me to come back home, much like in the story of the prodigal son.   I was chasing the world, the things of the world, but God granted me a second chance to life.  I began to read the book of John, and the book of James, and with my eyes newly opened to the realness of Jesus Christ, I began to grow in faith.   This slow growing of faith has not been without my many failings, I don’t do things perfectly, but now i know Christ is walking with me.   We do all we do, with Christ in mind.  Often we do it  imperfectly but our intent is to tell as many people as we can about the Good News of Jesus Christ.


Our family started raising Labradors in 2008 on a whim, we went out and picked up our first yellow Labrador.  I believe this is how most breeders get started!

In our attempts to breed better we strive to start our litters the best possible way by spending hours socializing, With basic training and monitoring strict diets and nutrition for healthy growth. We feel if you do this at a very young age of pup, it will pay off in the future and will create a long, healthy, productive life.  Therefore if  you are looking for the best quality dog for your investment, you have picked the right place!

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Brandy and I have been married for 20 years, and we have 3 beautiful children that are nearly grown. One recently completed nursing school, another in college studying pre-law ‘stuff’ and a son finishing up high school.  I’m an IT guy by trade and my wife works as an office manager. We are tucked away in a small village on the north side of Kansas City called Claycomo, only known for being the home of the “Kansas City” Ford plant.  We own an acre and a half or so, just enough to have fun and raise a litter or two each year.   For years I have had my children who socialized my pups but as they are in their late teens I have to recruit nieces and nephews!  Overall it’s a blast doing it and we look forward to sharing our home and our love of Labradors with others and watching them grow up.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Price?Best Lab Breeders in Missouri

I have a lot of people contact us looking for a “$300-$500” dog because they want just a “pet”. I know these people will ultimately go elsewhere, but I try to respond to every email, message, phone call, etc. in detail and try to educate and explain why our dogs cost what they do. There is a huge difference between a $500 dog and a $1000 – $1500 dog. Best Lab Breeders in Missouri

You truly do get what you pay for….

The $500 dog will typically come from a backyard breeder that does no health testing and provides the bare minimum of care for their puppies and will generally sell their puppies to anyone that shows up with the cash. 

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Who are your primary customers ?

Our primary customers are the average pet owner who wants a sound labrador puppy, who loves the look of an English Labrador that still retrieves, and maintains a calm temperment at night when they come in from a good day of exercise. Best Lab Breeders in Missouri. English Labrador Puppies. Chocolate Labs.

How often do you have litters?
We generally have litters only once or twice a year.  On a rare occasion we will have three litters in a year.
What is our Guardian Discount Program?
Ask about our guardian program, we do sometimes give further discounts if you live within an hour of Kansas City and will allow us to maintain the papers with us, and allow us to use normally a male in tact to use for future breeding purposes.  The pups go home with you, they are your pet, we pay for testing for them, and when they are of age, they come and stay a week or two a couple times a year with us to breed to some of our females.  — Ask us about the Guardian Program for more information. Click Here for a little more information, but feel free to send us an email on the Contact page, or send a text.


Danny and Angela

I have known Jason for a couple of years now. A very honest man and great to do business with! Jason really knows a lot about Labrador Retriever’s and their bloodlines. We bred our female Yellow Lab with one of his Black Male Labs, (Tripp) 3 years ago and we kept one of them and named her Michonne. She turned out to be an awesome dog! I highly recommend Dawson’s Labs!! Also, if he doesn’t have what you are looking for, he will go out of his way to help you find a breeder!

Danny and Angela


Four plus years ago I purchased a black labrador puppy from Dawson Labs. I live States away so our furbaby was flown in. Unfortunately that day we had a snowstorm, flights delayed/rerouted for more than 12 hours. Jason kept in contact with me all day and night long. I had purchased two furbabies for my husband and had one coming in from another breeder. No contact, No Care, that breeder had no idea the furbaby I purchased from them was stuck at an airport. Never have heard from them, but Dawson Lab’s has kept in touch with us for years!




We purchased our black English Labrador puppy named Smoke from Dawson Labs in 2016. She is everything I wanted in a Labrador. They even helped us arrange transportation from MO to Ohio. She is a healthy, loving little girl. We are very happy with all the health testing they do on their dogs.


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Labrador Retriever Puppies For Sale in Kansas City

Quality English Labradors for the whole family!

We look forward to hearing from our puppy families!  We live and work in the Kansas City area and pride ourselves in raising top-quality Labrador puppies for the whole family!   Before filling out an application please feel free to text me 816-838-6811 with any questions!

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