lab pupy - Bringing Home Your Puppy
pup - Bringing Home Your Puppy

Before You Bring Your Labrador Puppy Home

Be Prepared…

Bringing Home Your Puppy is the next thing before you so we want to help you understand what’s next.

Trying to set clear expectations…

The first few days can be quite stressful for your pup as well as yourself,  he or she has spent all of their time with litter mates, and now they are by themselves.  You can expect that your pup will cry in the crate for a few nights. If he cries after sleeping for a while, it may be that pup needs to go out. Take him her outside to the same area, consistently. See more on ‘Crate Training‘ and ‘Potty Training.’  Return to crate with his towel or toy that have been rubbed on litter mates. It may take a few minutes of crying before falling asleep.

Note: Be careful that your new pup does not get into Chives, Onions, or Garlic Plants in the garden. Chocolate, Nuts, Grapes or Raisins are NOT for them to eat.

Bure sure to make an appointment with your vet about a week or more before you bring your Lab pup home, when possible. Your puppy will have had it’s first vaccination at 7 to 8 weeks old and will have been dewormed at 4 & 6 and 8 weeks old.

These are some of the things to get before picking up your Labrador Retriever puppy:

Things you’ll need:

  1. You will need a stainless steel, non-skid food and water bowls
  2. You should get a high quality food. We use Victor Food at our home.  You will take a small bag of this home with you to help transition your dog to another food if you choose to change.  Remember to follow the advice about gradually adding any new food to what the pup was used to eating at our home.
  3.  Many high quality chew toys safe for puppies (i.e Nylabones and Kongs are  good choices to consider.)
  4. It’s always good to get a safe pet stain and odor remover and paper towels for any accidents, having some frebreeze on hand is always a good idea also!
  5. Some of our dogs have pretty thick coats, and a dog brush for medium coat is a worth while investment.
  6.  It is also a good idea to have some nail clippers, on hand and do it often as a pup so it’s easier as an adult.
  7. Treats for training, we like actually use cut up hot dogs for treats! 
  8. Flat collar and leash a six foot leash is good for teaching boundaries and recall.
  9.  Forty Two Inch Crate is normally a good size, you can block off the back section to adjust to a smaller size and extend it as your puppy grows. 



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