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Return Policy

Unfortunately this is a thing that we have to write on our website ‘A Return Policy’ because we have had people on occasion who don’t count the cost when purchasing a new puppy.  When you bring a puppy back even a few days after you’ve had it, you not only cause us to have to re-advertise the puppy, but depending on the age they are some times more difficult to place. Therefore we have implemented this policy.  Although we will take our puppies back anytime this is a reasonable to ask, when purchasing the puppy.

24 HOUR RETURN POLICY:  This allows you as the buyer to return the pup (usually within 24 hours) if the pup is “sick.”  The pup must be seen and diagnosed by a vet.

NOTE:  If you do not count the cost of owning your puppy and would like to return the pup for a full refund within the first 24 hours, this is possible, beyond that we give a half refund up at 72 hours, and no refund beyond 72 hours.  However we will take the puppy back.

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