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Guardian Program

What in the world is a Guardian Program? Everyone knows that more often than not, breeders don’t sell their best dogs as pets. They would most certainly be considered lesser examples of the breed. Therefore, we try to keep the best of the best back whenever possible.

Each litter we strive to find a guardian home for at least one male, from each litter. It is also good to note just because you request to be a guardian family, we only often do one per litter, and you may not be on the list for some time. There is no guarantee of placement. It is done on a litter by litter basis based on availability.

Our guardian program was created for our dogs to benefit from the best of both worlds! Dogs who love being moms and Dads, but whom also want to live the good life and have a Kansas City (or neighboring suburb ) family all to themselves!

It all begins with the new guardian family. If you really fall in love with a puppy here, you could soon be the proud owner of a Dawson guardian dog! We offer often a major discount, to guardian family holders only.

What does it mean to be a guardian family?

Guardian dogs live with their families most of the year, but return to us for breeding for an agreed upon amount of time. Each agreement is a little different, as each dog is a little different. Girls are generally needed back for up to two litters, while males are needed for a set amount of time. Usually both males and females are “retired” around their third or fourth birthday!

The guardian family is responsible for all regular maintenance care, heart wormer, yearly shots, and any general health needs, while OFA Hip and Elbows testing, as well as Genetic Essential Panel testing would be the responsibility of the breeder.

When these dogs retire completely from our breeding program, they remain with their families for the rest of their lives.

If you are seriously interested our guardian program, and would like to take one of our breeding dogs home for keeps, please let us know …before someone else snatches them all up!

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