The Lab Standard is defined by the Breed Club LRC  

From the LRC Labrador Breed Standard. 

According to the breed standard, established by the Labrador Retriever Club, Inc., there are three acceptable colors of Labrador Retrievers. Those colors are Black (all black), Yellow (fox-red to light cream), and Chocolate (light to dark chocolate). Silver is not an acceptable color of Labrador Retriever and is a disqualifying fault.  Based on an agreement in 1987 between the American Kennel Club and the LRC, it was agreed that there was no proof that these silver dogs were not purebred and the breeders of the silver dogs subsequently registered them as chocolates.

Using parentage testing, it cannot conclusively be proven that silver Labradors are not purebred dogs or  are crossed with Weimaraners. The Labrador Retriever breed does not carry the dilute gene dd that appears universally in the Weimaraner and is responsible for silver color.

Responsible breeders are tasked with breeding for health and standard and not solely for aesthetic. While we respect the choice of pet owners to select the breed of their choice, the LRC, Inc. does not view silver Labradors as appropriate breeding stock and believes that they should not be bred. They may compete in AKC events but are disqualified from the conformation show ring.

Labrador Standard Reality

There is there is a stalemate between already registered Labradors that carry dilute gene and the LRC.  However the breed standard doesn’t want to recognize them.  Furthermore the war is between the LRC and AKC and those that have register dilute AKC Labradors for years.  My personal stance is to adhere as much as possible to the Labrador Standard, with of course allowing for ‘type’ and ‘taste’ variations depending on the breeder and this has resulted in a difference in type, English and American.  It has also added to it these color variatons. I understand both perspectives, and I attempt to remain as neutral as possible.  I will let both sides fight it out and enjoy my own labradors.  The reality is the dilute labradors are here, and the other reality is, they won’t be allowed in the show conformation ring in my lifetime.  There is a stalemate with no end in sight because there will never be agreement between the two camps.   Check out the standard from the LRC page and make up your own mind. I won’t be able to choose a side for you, and I pray that you judge me on the content of my character.  If you have questions for me about it, I only ask for civil discourse and respectful talk when discussing it.


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