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This is a very important part to having a happy puppy and a happy owner.  When you are training your new puppy you are working to make his crate a place that he feels happy and comfortable in when he goes to relax.  This is helpful when you need to leave him some times when he/she can’t be supervised.    The puppy should not be left unattended out of the crate until it is completely house trained. By this time you will see that your puppy would rather sleep in their crate. That is their security when you are away from home or asleep in bed.   This gets better as the pup gets older and has a larger bladder. I offer food in the morning and in the evening in a measured environment. If they eat or munch all day, they will also need to potty all during the day. I feed the recommended amount for their age which is located on the back of the puppy food package.  Click here to see more specifics on Potty Training!


You must be patient because create training takes time!

  1. Setup the crate and have the door opened for them to go inside.
  2. Place treats just inside the crate to lure your dog to approach the crate.
  3. When your dog approaches the crate to take the treats, praise him big time so that he knows it’s a good thing to go into the crate.
  4. As your puppy becomes more at ease with going in and out of the crate gradually toss treats further back inside the crate so he has to enter the crate to take the treats.
  5. Keep giving your dog treats and praise as long as he stays in the crate.
  6. When your dog is comfortable inside the crate for a few moments gently close the door of the crate.
  7. Give him a treat and praise him a lot when opening the door also.
  8. Gradually play the game with him and increase the time with which he stays inside the crate.
  9. When he is comfortable with the longer periods of time begin leaving the room for short sections of time. ( one or two minutes and gradually increase )
  10. When you re-enter the room keep your attitude calm so you don’t rile the puppy up as he comes out of the crate.

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