Specializing in Quality English Labradors in the Midwestern United States.  We desire quality not quantity, who will be a family pet for life.

Who are we?

We are devoted to producing quality puppies, paying close attention to health, temperament and bloodlines.  Our puppies are of the highest quality and make great companions, wonderful rescue/ therapy dogs and excellent family members for both adults and kids. We believe you will never find a more loving, friendly and fun dog than a Lab.

We are dedicated to the betterment of the Labrador Retriever breed and thoroughly believe in health testing. All of our dogs are OFA prelim (hips and elbows) certified. We also DNA test for seven diseases Labradors 


Rocky is a local boy found here in KS.  He was a great addition to the crew and currently resides in Topeka Ks.  with his guardian family. He comes for a visit during breeding time.


Coffee is our male from out east!  Most of our boys live in guardian homes.  What is a guardian home?  Well it's a pet home where people own our boys one on one but they come by for a visit during breeding time.

Dawson Labradors - Defining Quality

We OFA Test for hips and elbows, as well as we complete at least a 7 disease panel test with what's called the Labrador panel.  This ensures that our labs don't cross diseases with one another and we can ensure they won't get these particular 7 known  Labrador diseases.

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